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Date of current revision: 06/14/08 

    I get e-mail's every day from people looking for a CHAMBERS range or built-in. I also receive pictures of CHAMBERS models that people are wanting to sell, even though, for the life of me, I can't understand why they would want to do that - wanting to give up a CHAMBERS and go to an ordinary range is beyond my comprehension...

    Trying to connect people personally was more than I had time for, so I tried creating a place here on my website for people to buy, sell, or trade their Chambers ranges, parts, etc.

    Alas, even this was more than I could keep up with. As many of you may know, my mother passed away May 1 of this year after a six-year battle with ovarian cancer. Caring for her during those six years was a tremendous challenge, one that became more and more time consuming over the past year. Some days, it was all I could do to care for her and get everything else done that I must do at the same time. Something had to give, especially since she got much worse since January of this year. So, the For Sale & Wanted service had to be sacrificed in order for me to try to keep up with the responsibilites in my life. Perhaps, when my life settles back down a bit, I will be able to provide this service here again, but not for now.

    But - let not your hearts be troubled! I have found a place that you can look for a Chambers or sell your Chambers that is already in operation!

    It's called THE STOVELIST, and it is run by Ed Semmelroth, who also restores vintage appliances.

    Here's the link:

    There, you can place an advertisement for a mere $2.99 for a month - that's REALLY a good deal, by the way - and he lets you post pictures, write your ad out the way you want, etc. It's a really well-designed. There are many other features, if you need them, and I'm sure most people will find it an acceptable substitute.

    PLUS - your ad, because of the way this system is setup, gets onto Google REALLY FAST, thus increasing your chances of selling your item ten-fold, at least!

    SO - to all those that participated in this feature, I hope it helped. Thanks for being so cooperative - you folks were great!

Happy Selling, Buying, & Trading With The Gas Turned OFF!
Todd W. White, Owner & Webmaster

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