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  Stacy Long & Her Hunt For Her Dream Stove   < Click to download pdf

Slashfood's Aricle On Chambers Ranges

USA Weekend's Chambers Article

"Oldest Working Appliance" on Heloise's Website - shows a 1924 Chambers Range that is still in use!

  PhillyBurbs Article On Vintage Appliances

  "The Full Range of Cookstove Issues" from Old House Journal Online

  New York Times Article. 11/7/2002 on Chambers Ranges

Old House Journal - April, 2003 Article On Cookstoves

  "Retro Look Appliances" at Appliances 411 - interesting article. Also contains links about other retro appliances.

Obituary for Miss Alma Chambers, daughter of CHAMBERS inventor and founder, John Chambers


Journal of Antiques Fireless Cooking Article- - interesting article on fireless cooking.

School and Home Cooking - - British article on fireless cooking.


Vintage Stoves & Refrigerators from OldHouseWeb -- nice article on John Jowers' Antique Appliances of Clayton, Georgia.


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