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- Her Model "BZ" -

Fuzzy's Model "BZ" made the trip from Kansas City, Missouri to Todd's place on Friday, April 6, 2007:

    1. We brought her back in this:


    2.  Basic view (not too bad, really):

    3. Inside the Thermowell (yuck!):

    4. Inside the right front burner. Note the years of gunk and surface rust:

    5. Left burners. More gunk and rust. Note the stuck Pilot Light Cover:

    6. Broiler box:

    7. Inside the Service Cabinet:

    8. ID Plate. Just look at all that grease!

9. Ready for Grease Removal. Panels off and ready for some serious degunkification!

10. Disassembly. Oven & Service Cabinet Doors off. FINALLY got the pilot light cover off - it was stuck on with years of grease!

11. More Disassembly -

Handles and Sides Removed

Another View

Front Panel Removed

Same Pieced - Without Using Flash You Can Really See The Rust.

Close-Up Showing Rust.

Rear View - More Rust.

Close-Up Of Valve Section - Dirty Lines & Lots of Rust.

Broiler Box and Top Removed.

12. Front View Of Main Body After Wirewheeling Off All Rust Down To Bare Metal -

13. Rear View Of Main Body After Wirewheeling Off All Rust Down To Bare Metal -

14. Front View Of Main Body After Cleaning The Bare Metal, Priming, And Painting -

14. Thumblatch Mechanism Before Electrolysis -

15.Thumblatch Mechanism After Electrolysis. Removing the rust on this piece would have been extremely difficult using conventional methods. The electrolysis did a fantastic job, and was used on all but the largest pieces, which wouldn't fit in the tank. It removes all rust and old paint, but, unlike sandblasting, it does NOT remove the good metal!

16. More Parts Derusted Using Electrolysis, Then Cleaned, Primed & Painted -

17. Valve Area, Before Derusting, Priming, And Painting -

18. Valve Area, After Derusting, Priming, And Painting -

19. Top, After Being Reporcelained By Independence Porcelain Enamel -

20. Broiler Box Before -

21. Broiler Box After -

22. Broiler Box, & Thermowell Re-installed On Top After Being Restored -

23. Almost Reassembled!!!



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